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Fabulous Long Pixie Cut Ideas This Year

Long pixie cuts exist between the bob and the pixie. Notable celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry sported this exemplary crop and got everyone staring at them and envious of their phenomenal haircuts. The long pixie haircuts are ideal for women with busy lifestyles since they don’t need high maintenance. Here is a fantastic read. Include some light layers and some beautiful bangs, smooth or rugged, and you will get a fabulous result.

When you choose long pixie hairstyles, you will be amazed by how ridiculously versatile they are. They fit almost all face shapes and hair types-but they rock on women with fine hair. You can also include different shapes and texture to promote volume. It is without a doubt the best way to style your hair if you decide to go short.

  1. Fun Long Undercut Pixie.

If you see this long pixie cut, you will want to cut your hair short just to rock it. The style includes an asymmetrical cut on the straight hair. The look works for all types of hair and textures.

  1. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut.

This is an ideal haircut for you if you are looking to maintain your hair natural and at the same time reveal your edgy pixie haircut. The natural texture and unevenness of this hairstyle both collaborate to highlight and balance the face shape.

  1. Long Layered Pixie for Round Faces.

Its fantastic texture characterises this short layered pixie cut. Length asymmetrical bangs are best when worn on broad faces to give it a narrower look. You can also opt to through some waves for a softer and sleek look. The layered pixie gives you more flattering ways to style short haircuts and are ideal for ladies who are not utterly comfortable with short hair.

  1. Cool Long Curly Pixie.

A lot of texture and definition characterises this bold and sassy short pixie for women with curly hair. Allow some pieces in the front for a killer flirty touch.

  1. Modern Messy Long Pixie.

One thing that makes this short haircut preferred by most women is that it is low maintenance and doesn’t take a lot of your time to style. The uplifted tousled look makes it so fashionable and classy. This pixie haircut is ideal for classy modern women.

  1. Edgy Long Pixie Bob.

Bobs are the best options when it comes to pixie haircuts. Maintaining the hair chopped and shaped during the growing of the hair process is essential in keeping a short hairstyle like this. Incorporate shadow base to add dimension to your thin hair.

Fabulous Long Pixie Cut Ideas This Year

  1. Long Pixie for Thin Hair.

This edgy and sleek haircut would entice you to cut your hair short. The hair left at the top allows you to style it in various ways.

By Grey Handson
How to Get Quality Sleep

With a growing awareness about mental health it’s no surprise that sleep is among the top priorities for optimal wellbeing. Getting a solid 8 hours each night is regarded as pretty standard advice for most adults, but that’s not all it takes to get quality sleep. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re getting the most of out your shut-eye:

1. Set a Schedule
When you get up and go to bed at the same time every day it becomes habit. Bedtime will begin to register as bedtime to your brain. If you’re trying to get this schedule going you may find it helpful to try a natural supplement such as melatonin.

2. Avoid Napping
Now that you’ve worked so hard to get your sleeping habits to follow a schedule, you don’t want to throw it off by napping. You have already got your brain accustomed to sleeping at bedtime. Not only does napping confuse your schedule, it may lead to too much sleep making it even more difficult to sleep at your normal time.

3. Make Your Environment Conducive to Quality Sleep
This could mean anything from adjusting the temperature in the room to a cooler setting, getting blackout curtains, or investing in a new mattress. Our bodies rest better with a cooler temperature, and reducing the energy spent on heat at night can save you some money! What better way to use it than investing in your health? They can help you here.

4. Exercise and Eat Well
I’m sure you’ve heard about all of the benefits of exercise plenty of times, but it’s great for sleep too. When you take care of your body through exercise and nutrition it will give you more energy, which can help eliminate the need for a nap. With the nap gone it’s easier to set a schedule, and just like that you’ve improved your sleep.

5. Avoid Screen Time
LED lights make it difficult for your brain to turn off. For optimal sleep you’ll want to begin your routine an hour before bed. Dim the lights and do something relaxing. Meditation is a good choice. Then, 30 minutes before bed put your phone and other devices away for the night.

In case you haven’t noticed, the idea of keeping routines and schedules keeps popping up. Our brains have more energy to put into other things when routines can keep certain tasks running on autopilot. It also makes automatic functions run much more smoothly. So, do yourself a favor and get some quality sleep!

How to Get Quality Sleep

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