Sickest Things on the Deep web

July 21, 2018

Deep web is known for the illegal stuff that it consists. These illegal activities are mainly done on the dark web and the dark web is indirectly a part of Deep web. Most of the scariest, creepiest and sickest things that you can find on the internet are available on the Deep web.

If you were thinking to browse Deep web in search for the sickest content available there then you should change your plan.  Browsing Deep web is very risky. Hackers from the whole world are in search for people browsing the Deep web so that they can get benefits from them. One wrong click can void your whole life on the Deep web but as it very important to be aware of everything on the internet, we have made a list of “Sickest things on the Deep web”.

Sickest Things on the Deep web

This list is made for educational purposes. We highly recommend you to stay away from the Deep web. Let’s get started.

Fake Passports

Fake Passports are sold on the Deep web websites. The price of these Passports starts from $1,000 and hundreds of customers purchase these Passports from Deep web on daily basis. It is super risky to buy such identity proofs and FBI has the rights to put you behind the bars at any time. It is possible that even Terrorists buy these Fake Passports to enter in countries but it is very unsafe to carry a fake passport on the airport so we highly recommend you not to even think of getting one for yourself.

Sickest Things on the Deep web

Violent Desires

There are some people on the Deep web with violent Desires. These people are mentally ill in most of the cases and they have Desires like eating a human being. They cut their bodies and eat them brutally in front of the camera. You should never visit these websites with a soft heart. This is something that you will never forget in your life and it is also something that you should never see.

Selling of Ammo/Drugs

Guns and Drugs are also being sold openly on the Deep web markets and many drug addicts and criminals buy these kind of stuff from the Deep web. It is very risky to buy such things from the Deep web.You can get a pistol or even an assault rifle from the Deep web. These illegal things are smuggled from one country to another and these are the most sold items on the Deep web.

Hitmen Hiring

Hitmen are also hired on the Deep web. They are highly paid and they can get anyone killed. You have to pay them advance and the remaining amount will be needed to be paid once he sends the image of dead body.

Red Rooms

Red Rooms are the most scariest and sickest places that you can find on the Deep web. A person is kidnapped and tied. Red Rooms are streamed live where the host kills the kidnapped person live. Red Rooms are paid in most cases and it is very disturbing that there are some people who actually pay money to enjoy by watching someone getting killed. These were the Sickest things that you will find on the Deep web and it is highly recommended not to visit Deep web with a soft heart.