What methods make cleaning of hardwood floors fast and simple?

September 27, 2018

I’m not thinking about the kind of cleaning options– I utilize white vinegar and water. I’m a tenant, and my floors are aged, so I’m not worried regarding long-term damages (performed and carried out!) or the floors being streaked or otherwise glossy sufficient. I simply desire them to become tidy! Without having got an hour (1 bedroom house).

My present technique

  1. Usage vacuum hose w/ accessory to tidy throughout walls (this has a big effect as dust, cat hair, dirt and my own hair create giant tumbleweeds which socialize along the borders of rooms).
  2. Move with the best broom for hardwood floors and dirt pan.
  3. Apply a solution of vinegar/water on floors.
  4. The mop is utilizing recyclable microfiber wipe pads.

The issue is which cleaning and wiping have a very long time. The mop pads obtain dealt with in dust so fast which I understand my cleaning is leaving excessive dirt/dust.

What methods make cleaning of hardwood floors fast and simple?

I’ve attempted the Swiffer Damp Jet and HATED it. It pressed the dirt about the best broom for hardwood floors, therefore, I needed to clean up a line of dirt each time, and I underwent the Swiffer pads so fast! I haven’t attempted the routine dry Swiffer for floors since I think of people pads may fill truly fast too. Also, I understand which the Swiffer is for dirt and won’t get larger specs, to ensure that implies I’ll, however, need to sweep in case I utilize the Swiffer for cleaning.

I was thinking about purchasing a cord-free 2-in-1 vacuum (it’s a stick vac. However, an aspect of the unit takes off to end up being a hand vac) to ensure that I could utilize the hand vac on the tumbleweeds throughout the walls and the stick vac rather than brushing up the floors. I’m concerned which the vacuum won’t work out at doing away with the dust, so my microfiber mop pads may still obtain dirty too fast.